Friday, September 30, 2011

Why Bevyshop for Online Shopping?

Online shopping in India is Emerging day by day because growing use of internet and Awareness about Ecommerce which is already familiar in Developed Countries. There are Many Online Shopping websites in India. Most of the Websites Still Concentrate on Selling Products through Promotional Activities, they are not all bother about the value of the products which they given to the customers.

What are all the Disadvantages of Existing Online Shopping Portals?

  • Goods have no value for the customers along with quality
  • Cost of the Products
  • Unavailability of Price Comparison
  • Increasing the Rate of the Products before giving Discount
  • There is no Clear information about Time of Delivery
  • Companies are not bother about complaints once the customer made the payment
  • No transparent information about the Product
Why Bevyshop for Online Shopping
  •  Quality of Products
  •   Innovative of Products
  •   Providing Value Added Service at lower prices
  •   Easy guidance 
  •   Excellent Customer Support
  •   Transparent information about the Products
Bevyshop is Growing Vertically towards Customer Satisfaction with Excellent Team. Hope it will driven through innovation to the next Step of Online Shopping

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