Monday, October 24, 2011

Bevyshop | Facebook Marketing for Online Shopping Part1

It's going to be very interesting one, that how Facebook uses for Online Shoping and How  Billion Dollars companies are also Planning their Marketing Strategy with Facebook and how it's  create impact on Seo in United States many of them may not know Google , But even kid knows What's Facebook. There is big war between facebook and google, We need to wait Couple of years to see who is going to win in this war. 800 Million users are in facebook and it's no.2 in Alexa rank.  Users are Spending 10 Billion minutes in facebook Daily, 15 million fan pages are created daily by users, 20 million videos are  uploaded to facebook Every month,  OMG How Server handles this? Mark Zuckerberg knows this.
Today we gonna see, how we can use facebook for Marketing. I know what you're thinking right now.

First create one professional account with facebook, we want to see who you are, if some one who searches you, they 're much likely to engage you if they 're greeted with a nice picture of yours. Don't upload any pictures, Facebook isn't the right place for offensive pictures, they will remove you immediatly, it's against facebook policies.

Did u Fill out your Profile?

it will ask u everything to give an answer, what's wrong with that? it will help you to accept  your friendship, Complete Name, age, sex, Birthday, Home town, Relationship Status, Type of Connections you want to establish, tv shows, favorite movies, movies, Describe yourself clearly, give contact information and Education and background.

Come to the Next step of finding Friends in Facebook

Do u know what purpose u have created Your Account in Facebook? Probably connecting with People right? These People can be friends, family, Business partners or other people who want to connect for a variety of reasons. instead of finding more number number of people try to find some interesting contacts, Facebook is perfect Platform for the relationship managment

once you started to make relationsip with you, what you should do next?

Exactly, what interesting contacts would expect from you?  

ha ha ha, Try to upload more pictures in your album,  As you grow your list of friends, get some friends of  yours to tag with your photo and get more comments.

Upload more videos which describe about your Holidays & vacation, Because many of them never have met in real life. Then start to interact with your friends. leave a comments and share something they've said or "Like" a few things.

Today we have Discussed Some basic steps which is very Essential before Starting Facebook Marketing, in Coming Days we will Discuss More about Creating Corporate Presence, Creating Facebook fan pages, Facebook ads. it Will Help you to create some marketing Killer strategies to make use Facebook Effectively. We will see more on Next part of Facebook Marketing.

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