Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bevyshop | Why Seo Important for Online Shopping Websites? PART1

  • Do you know Many online Shopping  Websites are depending on Search engines for their sales.
Suppose if Search Engines will Disappeared tomorrow , what will happen ?
How would you Promote your Online Shopping Business? that's why most of the Shopping owners are investing tons of the money on SEO.

You must Design your website user friendly, so that  Search engines can Easily go through website for Crawling, indexing, Processing, Retrieve the information from the particular Category which stored your Results

Keyword Research for  your Online Shopping Website
There are plenty of websites in the Market for Online Shopping, they used to battle for Particular keywords
like below
India is Developing Market for Online Shopping ,  So SEO is very important to Compete with Competitors.
do the Keyword Research with Google Adwords keyword tool , Find Your Targeted keywords with Competitor Analysis and Choose  your Specific Keywords.

What are all the SEO Strategies to follow with Specific Keywords?
  • Submit your website to Online Directories , Submit it as Manually and don't try it with Toolsdmoz and yahoo directories are more powerful once your website listed on those directoris, Yahoo will be worthful what you pay into them.
  • Submit your website to Good Page Rank Websites, Especially to good page rank websites, which will give you good link juice.
  • Start Discussion with Forums which will bring some Quality Backlinks to you, if your Discussion is so effective , there will be tons of backlinks you will get back.
There is lots and lots of things are come to discuss in next 3 parts of This Topic. In Next Session we will Discuss more about Blogs, Link Cloaking,  Establishing Partner Relationships, Video Submission, Link Bating, Book marking, PPC. it will reveal why Seo is Important for Online Shopping.

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December 29, 2011 at 10:19 PM

This is the first time am hearing about bevy. It was really awesome to know the best points on the importance of seo for online business.
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